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Professional Rugby League will not play at Red Bull Arena.

It's probably better for the field anyway.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

A few days ago, a new rugby league called the "Professional Rugby Organization (PRO) North America" is slated to start in 2016. While teams have not been officially announced, a set of cities, including New York, were listed as possible locations. Red Bull Arena will be hosting a Aviva Permiership match in March. Naturally this leads to the question, will Red Bull Arena possibly host a professional rugby team?

Paul Tait, Editor at Rugby America, reports that a team in the New York area is rumored to be placed at Red Bull Area.

Once a Metro reached out to the New York Red Bulls about the league and the rumor of Red Bull Arena hosting a team. The answer from a spokesperson was pretty clear. "Red Bull Arena would not be an option."

So, you rugby fans looking for a league to play matches at the arena, sorry, but look on the bright side, you still have the match in March.