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23 New York Red Bulls Academy Graduates Headed to NCAA Tournament

As the full bracket for the 2015 NCAA College Cup was released earlier this week, New York Red Bulls products were heavily represented in the draw.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Of the 60 New York Red Bulls Academy Graduates in college soccer, 23 of them have qualified with their teams for this year's NCAA Tournament. Better known as the College Cup, the tournament features 48 teams, with the top 16 teams given a one-round bye. A full bracket of this year's tournament can be found here.

Also, if you want to participate in a little, fun College Cup bracket challenge with a bunch of college soccer fans, join me and many more fans over here.

This is a list of all Red Bulls players and schedule of their first round games:


November 22nd, 4. Akron vs. Rutgers or LIU Brooklyn @ Akron

Adam Najem, Midfielder, Junior

Boston University:

November 19th, Boston University vs UConn @ UConn

Anthony Viteri, Midfielder, Sophomore


November 22nd, 3. Georgetown vs. Hofstra or Lehigh @ Georgetown

Brandon Allen, Forward, Senior
Alex Muyl, Forward, Junior
Arun Basuljevic, Midfielder, Sophomore
Chris Lema, Midfielder, Sophomore
Ethan Lochner, Forward, Freshman
Kyle Zajec, Defender, Freshman


November 22nd, 10. Maryland vs. Virginia or Rider @ Maryland

Mael Corboz, Midfielder, Senior


November 19th, Rutgers vs. LIU Brooklyn @ Rutgers

Ross Tetro, Defender/Midfielder, Senior
Erick Sa, Midfielder, Junior
Dante Perez, Midfielder/Forward, Sophomore
Brandon Tetro, Defender/Midfielder, Sophomore


November 19th, Tulsa vs. FIU @ Tulsa

Juan Sebastian Sanchez, Forward, Freshman


November 19th, Virginia vs. Rider @ Virginia

Scott Thomsen, Defender, Senior
Nate Odusote, Defender, Sophomore
Malcolm Dixon, Forward, Freshman
Derrick Etienne, Midfielder, Freshman
Wesley Wade, Forward, Freshman

Wake Forest:

November 22nd, 1. Wake Forest vs. Charlotte or Radford @ Wake

Steven Echevarria, Midfielder, Sophomore
Kevin Politz, Defender, Sophomore

UC Santa Barbara:

November 22nd, 15. UCSB vs. South Carolina or Furman @ UCSB

Dugan Zier, Defender, Freshman

University of Connecticut:

November 19th, UConn vs. Boston University @ UConn

Jacob Wagmeister, Goalkeeper, Senior

Which teams do you think are going to make a run in the NCAA tournament? Is a RBNY Academy graduate going to be lifting the College Cup again this year? Give your predictions in the comments.