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Throwback Thursday: Beckham Learns he can't own the Red Bulls

Looks aren't everything, I guess.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

NOTE: This article will be devoid of most of it's meaning if not read with the following musical accompaniment, but that's up to you.

People Magazine recently unveiled David Beckham as it's Sexiest Man Alive™, providing your awkward grocery line wait with the streaks of a 40 year old blond. There was a time, however, when said Sexiest Man Alive™ had thought about exercising his MLS ownership in New York. Don Garber, perennial Sexiest Man Alive™ snub, had already struck a deal with Beckham to allow for discounted ownership, but later revealed why "The City That Never Sleeps" didn't apply.

From a story:

"Anything's a possibility other than his right to exercise that option in New York," Garber told reporters.

"Major League Soccer has been looking at the possibility of expanding in New York since the league was founded in '96.

"There was a concept of having two teams in the league way back then. We knew when we were speaking with David and [Beckham's agent] Simon Fuller that eventually we would have an opportunity in New York regardless of the role that David played in helping grow the league."

That's right, MLS has been looking at expanding in it's largest market since '96, unless it's at  Sexy Boy Beckham's discounted rate.