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Scenarios for Red Bulls-D.C. United Leg 2

What you need to know heading into Red Bull Arena.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls head into the second leg of their playoff series with D.C. United up by a score of one goal to none. That goal is also a road goal, which is good as road goals are (almost) considered double at the end of the second leg.

With a current aggregate score of 1-0 in favor of the Red Bulls, here's how things will play out given the different possible outcomes at Red Bull Arena next Sunday.

- New York Red Bulls Win: No matter what the scoreline is, if the Red Bulls win the second leg of the series, they will advance on the greater aggregate score. They would finish the series at least 2 goals better than D.C. in this scenario.

- Red Bulls & DC Draw: Like a win, any version of a draw on Sunday means the Red Bulls advance. Since they already hold the advantage, a draw does not get D.C. past New York.

- D.C. United win by a score of 1-0: This is the one scenario in which the series would go into extra time and possibly penalties at Red Bull Arena. Both teams would have 1 away goal, which means they have to go to extra time.

- D.C. United wins by scoring 2 or more goals: If D.C. can score at least 2 goals and win, they'll beat the Red Bulls on either goal aggregate, or away goals if the aggregate is level.