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Scenarios: New York Red Bulls vs Columbus Crew SC - Eastern Conference Finals Leg 2

The Red Bulls have a lot of work to do.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls are facing the toughest test of any of the four remaining teams heading into the 2nd leg of the Conference Finals. In leg 1, they gave up two goals to Columbus Crew SC, and put themselves in a deep hole. Thankfully for the team, neither of the goals were road goals, which kind of count extra. On the flip side, Columbus still has the chance to score said away goals.

With a current aggregate score of 2-0 in favor of Columbus, here's how things will play out given the different possible outcomes at Red Bull Arena next Sunday.

- Columbus Wins: No matter what the scoreline is, if Columbus wins the second leg of the series, they will advance on the greater aggregate score. They would finish the series at least 2 goals better than New York in this scenario.

- New York & Columbus Draw: Just like a Columbus win, a draw would give the Crew a 2 goal aggregate series win.

- New York wins 1-0: This would not be enough for the Red Bulls, and the team would still be out of the playoffs.

- New York wins 2-0: This result is the only result that could result in the series going to Extra Time.

- New York wins by 3 or more goals: The Red Bulls would have to win the game by 3+ goals to make up for the deficit and the possibility of Columbus scoring at least 1 away goal. For example, here are some sample scorelines the Red Bulls would need:

New York 3-0 Columbus (3-2 agg)

New York 4-1 Columbus (4-3 agg)

New York 5-2 Columbus (5-4 agg)

New York 6-3 Columbus (6-5 agg)

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