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Rumor: Bradley Wright-Phillips (still) interested in loan to Premier League; Bournemouth (still) interested in BWP

If you thought you'd heard this one before, it's because you did.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes news doesn't travel fast. About two weeks ago, the UK's Mirror reported Premier League club Bournemouth had been "alerted to the possibility of a loan move" for the New York Red Bulls' Bradley Wright-Phillips.

It has apparently taken 13 days for that news to cross the Atlantic. ESPN FC reports:

Sources have told ESPN FC that Wright-Phillips is open to the idea of a loan move back to the Premier League, and the news has alerted a number of clubs aiming to bolster their squads in the January transfer window.

That "number of clubs" includes Bournemouth, says ESPN FC, and...well, just Bournemouth is named. The most notable advance in the rumor the Mirror published on November 12 is an upgrade on BWP's reported interest from "may be open to a loan move" (; 11/12/15) to "keen on a loan move" (; 11/25/15).

Pretty much the same story reported two weeks apart by outlets on either side of the Atlantic: either ESPN (or BWP's agent) just got round to reading the mid-November British transfer gossip , or someone very much wants this rumor to catch on.