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Report: Ronaldinho's Twitter account is a fairly accurate predictor of the transfer rumors about him

The latest transfer rumors to attach to Ronaldinho bear strong resemblance to his own publicly available snapshots of his movements.

Carmen Flores/Getty Images

About a week ago, Ronaldinho told Marca he was concentrating on rest and relaxation, and would resume his career as a professional soccer player in 2016. Where? 'Dinho wasn't sure; at least, he wasn't saying:

I'll play again next year, but I don't know where. Right now I'm just focused on getting some rest and enjoying my holiday. I really need it.

And it is, of course, his right to take some time off from being probably the world's most famous unemployed all-time football legend. Some club, somewhere, will pick him up when he's ready to get back to work.

So time to leave 'Dinho in peace for a few weeks.

Nope. His brief chat with Marca dropped on October 27. On October 28, France Football published a report linking 'Dinho to a possible move to the Middle East (reporting he had visited Dubai to talk with unspecified clubs in the Gulf States) or the United States.

France Football's sources had advised 'Dinho and his business manager/adviser/agent (Roberto Assis - also 'Dinho's brother, as it happens) were in Miami "since Tuesday" (i.e. October 27). The Brazilian star had played in Mustapha Hadji's testimonial in Morocco on Saturday, October 24.

To recap, it would appear 'Dinho has been busy: Dubai to explore playing options for next year; an exhibition game in North Africa; then a trip to Miami to talk with MLS clubs (per France Football). No wonder he told Marca he needed a rest.

The MLS clubs in question, it is suggested, are "Miami, Portland etc..." - which we'll assume to be France Football's way of indicating there have been rumors linking 'Dinho to MLS for a while, and there isn't much to advance the specifics this time around. (There was even, lest we forget, a story quite specifically describing a short stint in Brazil followed by a 2016 debut in MLS.)

So why is Once A Metro bringing you a week-old rumor that seems to be revisiting months-old rumors? Because everyone has apparently decided to revisit this story now: MarcaCalciomercato.itESPN (whose endearingly haphazard grasp of conventions of attribution led the site's report to credit ESPN with breaking the news, linking to a story that credits France Football before it reaches its first comma) - it's the hot 'Dinho rumor of the moment, even if it does appear to be a week old.

As for 'Dinho, he doesn't seem to keep his movements a secret. His Twitter account has tracked the same movements described by the rumor mill. First, Dubai..., a little soccer in Morocco...

...then Miami (where Brazilian artist Romero Britto is based).

Now his Twitter suggests he's on the move again: he'll be appearing in an exhibition game in Manchester on November 14.

We'll see what the rumor mill has to say about his next move once he lands in England.