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Prop Bets for Red Bulls - D.C. United

If you are looking to score big money...these may not be for you.

Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Since MLS seems to be on board with the whole betting thing, we thought now would be a good time to make things more interesting for the second leg of the New York Red Bulls - D.C. United playoff series. Therefore, we present our prop bets for Sunday's game:

Bet Odds or Over/Under Explanation
Ben Olsen Sad Face Even Money It's Ben Olsen. We'll get a sad face before kickoff.
Minutes on Zubar's Foul O/U at 4.5 Our sources say that based on the last game, the over would be around 6 minutes, 50 seconds. Even Moreno doesn't have that much hot air.
TV Shots of D.C. Supporters O/U at 3.5 Even though the South Ward is the better attraction, ESPN likes to avoid it.
Concrete Falls on someone 10,000,000 to 1 This isn't RFK. It's a fools bet.
Twist and Shouts O/U at 2.5 I mean, it's one per Red Bull goal, so...
A Red Card is shown 2 to 5 I mean, this is Ted Unkel we're talking about. He gave a red as the fourth official...
Espindola Red Card 1 to 10 A repeat of his 2014 performance is coming.
"Snow Game" reference 1,000 to 1 Even MLS wouldn't drag up something from 2012, right?