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How much can we talk about Ronald Zubar's (non) red card?

Seriously, how much time can we talk about it?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In the 69th minute of the New York Red Bulls' playoff match against D.C. United, Ronald Zubar was given a yellow card for a sliding challenge. A lot of people think that the foul should have been given as a red card, not the yellow that Zubar received. This also includes the broadcast steam of Glenn Davis and Alejandro Moreno, and we heard about it, again and again.

From about the foul through the end of the broadcast (about 30 minutes and 30 seconds in total), the two spent approximately (according to my stop watch) a total of 2 minutes, and 20.2 seconds talking about the incident. That means for the remainder of the game after the foul, the broadcasters spent about 7.6% of the time (mostly Moreno) wondering how the foul wasn't a red card.

Referee decision aside, this was a lot of time spent talking about the subject. Yes, it was a big moment, but was it worth 7.6% of a 30 minute span?

Presumably it'll be talked about on the broadcast Sunday for Leg 2. Moreno is the color commentator again. Will he spend 7.6% of the game (or roughly 6 minutes and 50.4 seconds) talking about it? We'll see, but the smart money might be on "Yes".