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Cover the Red Bulls and get more free food

First they offered meals, now they offer snacks

Big Apple Soccer

The Red Bulls just will not stop with their generosity.

Two days after gracing the worldwith the exciting news of the press box meal for Sunday's playoff match, the New York Red Bulls showed once again, why they are the club to cover if you need to eat.

Instead of a full meal, the organization is looking out for those who love snacks:


Who knows what will be in store if the team makes it to the Eastern Conference Finals. At this rate the Red Bulls could be sending out daily snack packs to area-based media who produce content about the Red Bulls.

In a media landscape so fraught with uncertainly, it will always be refreshing to see an organization go out of the way to make sure stomachs are filled.

I ate pasta for lunch in an effort to save money so I could put some extra dollars in an IRA so I could maybe retire one day.