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A Red Bulls fan fixed D.C. United's new logo for them

Irony: the headline came from a D.C. fan.

Earlier this week, New York Red Bulls rival D.C. United released a new logo. Why? we don't know, that team doesn't deserve anything good. Thankfully, a Red Bull fan has taken it upon himself to make it even better!

Kund Ferdinand has been a Red Bulls/MetroStars fan since the mid-2000s, right before the team was acquired by its current owners. He has more than a few memories of the New York-D.C. rivarly, and his most memorable is from the not-so distant past.

I would have to go with the Eastern Conference Semifinals from 2014, especially after watching that game in 2012 after Hurricane Sandy; it made it feel a hell of a lot better. Honorable mention goes to Juan Agudelo's goal in DC or Brandon Barklage scoring against them at Red Bull Arena.

Kund updated the new D.C. logo to include the customary racoon, of which Red Bull fans know all too well.

Imporved D.C. Logo

He first published the updated image on a Red Bulls Facebook group, and the idea came from a thread in that same group.

I saw a comment on the FB group page that said "someone photo shop a raccoon head on this ASAP" and googled a cartoonish raccoon head, which was not that easy, and had fun with it. I was shocked that I didn't find any other photos so far with a raccoon head on the new logo. I just went with it and posted the photo on the group page.

I imagine we'll see Red Bulls have have a bunch of fun with the new logo. In a time of year when things are slow just after MLS Cup, we can use a reminder that hating D.C. is a way of life. Kund has fired the first shot of the 2015-16 off season, what's next?

You can follow Kund on twitter at @kgferdy25.