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Report: New York Red Bulls have signed four Homegrown Players

Typical: wait around for three weeks for a new signing and four come at once.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Ives Galarcep is reporting for that "sources" advise the New York Red Bulls have completed the signing of four players to Homegrown Player deals. Per Galarcep, RBNY will be joined in 2016 by Brandon Allen, Mael Corboz, Derrick Etienne, and Alex Muyl.

That is three attacking players and a midfielder, for those watching the shape of next season's roster. The news that they are all being signed to HGP deals also implies they will all be signing MLS contracts. Though minutes in USL doubtless lie ahead for the younger, less experienced end of the squad, Galarcep's report suggests RBNY is grabbing four highly-rated academy prospects for first team contracts.

More news no doubt to follow on this matter - it wasn't too long ago we were being told Allen's signing was stalled, for example.

On the subject of the reported signings, RBNY provided the following statement to Once A Metro:

As always, we will not comment on rumors.

Undeterred, Ives Galarcep continues his one-man RBNY reporting spree, offering further insight into the scope of the club's homegrown ambitions:

Najem out. Allen, Corboz, Etienne, and Muyl - in. Confirmation or otherwise surely to follow. The long wait for meaningful off-season activity in Harrison would appear to be over.