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Report: Georgetown coach Brian Wiese says Alex Muyl has signed contract with New York Red Bulls

We're waiting for RBNY to confirm the reported signing of four new Homegrown prospects, but other sources seem happy enough to provide confirmation in the meantime.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Ives Galarcep has already reported the New York Red Bulls have signed four graduates from their academy to Homegrown Player contracts, but we have yet to receive official word from the club on any of the signings. Indeed, RBNY's official response to Once A Metro's request for confirmation of Galarcep's report was brief and dismissive:

As always, we will not comment on rumors.

Fair enough, RBNY. But Galarcep was not spreading idle gossip - these rumors have been gathering momentum for a while:

Now the Washington Post's Steven Goff offers confirmation on one of the signings mentioned in the Galarcep report:

Nothing is ever official until the club issues the necessary statement. But Galarcep did not reveal his source, while Goff has found someone who seems likely to have knowledge of the situation to go on the record: this "rumor" increasingly feels like fact.

Pencil in Alex Muyl to RBNY's 2016 roster, and wait for news of Mael Corboz, Derrick Etienne, and Brandon Allen.