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Report: Derrick Etienne hires agent, set to sign with New York Red Bulls

One of the more memorable highlights of NYRB II's inaugural season is getting closer to being a member of the first team.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We've already been told, by Ives Galarcep, that the New York Red Bulls "have completed the signings" of Brandon Allen, Mael Corboz, Derrick Etienne, and Alex Muyl: four highly-rated graduates of the club's academy system.

But that news has yet to be confirmed by RBNY, and there is reason to believe at least one signing (Allen) might not be as clear-cut as Galarcep's sources suggested. So a little reassurance doesn't hurt.

The Washington Post's Steven Goff has spent the weekend doing RBNY fans the favor of providing fresh reason to believe Galarcep's story. First, he offered confirmation that Alex Muyl has indeed sealed a deal with the Red Bulls. Most recently, he is reporting Derrick Etienne has an agent and is ready to sign with RBNY:

Congrats, Derrick. Look forward to seeing you in the obligatory jersey-and-a-handshake picture next week.

Just Allen and Corboz for the full set of confirmations of Galarcep's confirmation of a story RBNY was characterizing as a rumor as recently as Friday (18/12).