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2016 Offseason/Preseason Predictions

What's gonna happen?

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One of my favorite aspects of football is keeping up with all the offseason/preseason trades and day-to-day news about my beloved club. Preseason matches like the IMG Suncoast Pro Classic tournament are a time where fans get their first glimpse of how players like Mike Grella settle in with the squad. This year, I thought I'd make some predictions about what going to go "down" this offseason.

1.) Jesse Marsch will be fired

KIDDING, kidding! I needed to start with a BuzzFeed-esk subtitle. Oh and I see you Hans, rubbing up against Zlatan Ibrahimovic now like its no big deal.

2.) A CB will be signed

With Matt Miazga not a definite keeper for the upcoming year, and Zubar not exactly having the year that Curtis and Marsch had in mind, a center back will definitely be needed. In the case that two of the three were away from duty, RBNY looked to players such as Roy Miller to pick up the pieces and play out of position. A centerback (or two) is a must sign position this offseason.

3.) The midfield will be restructured

There were glimpses throughout the season where it seemed the midfield was not as solid as it once appeared. For one, is Veron a starter in 2016, or does Grella step back out onto the pitch? Does Anatole Abang finally play behind Bradley Wright-Phillips and if so, where is Sacha then placed? The midfield will be adjusted time and time again, but I hope it will be settled on earlier into the season than it did in 2015.

4.) Many will not return

It's sad to see club veterans like Roy Miller and Dane Richards leave, but it may be needed in order to secure a Cup one of these days. As the 2016 season approaches, RBNY are going to continue moving players in and out of the roster and the fate of some like Connor Lade and SWP are to be determined in due time.

5.) RBNY will disappoint with 2016 uniforms

As Marc De Grandpre stated in this year's mid-season town hall meeting, 2016's uniforms will be boring as ever. According to the Head of Commercial Operations, the league is moving away from three kit clubs and RBNY's jersey sales aren't currently high enough to go ahead and create a third. So, we won't see MetroStars inspired alternatives or an all-red kit.

6.) Tyler Adams will assume a larger role

Sadly he did not play 1 v 11 in the first game of the USL season for NYRB II as many had hoped, but he has had a good year. There is something about Tyler Adams that I believe separates him from former RBNY youngsters such as Jozy Altidore, Juan Agudelo, and Amando Moreno. RBNY has high hopes for their players in PDL and USL, and Tyler Adams is an example of that.

Have any predictions of your own? Let us know in the comments below!