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Rumor: Australia could be Ronaldinho's next stop

And, curiously, it's suggested that is because he is still thinking about a move to MLS.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images reports Ronaldinho is being courted by Australia's A-League, where it is suggested he might take advantage of the league's Guest Player rule. Per the report, 'Dinho's incentive is the chance to get a little playing time while waiting for other opportunities to open up: understands the window for an Australian guest stint could be appealing thanks to Major League Soccer and Brazil’s national league only starting later in the year.

Still thinking about MLS, Dinho? We're thinking of you too, sir.

The idea sounds real enough. Fox Sports found an agent - Milton Da Rocha - to go on the record about the particulars:

Knowing the A-League clubs’ budgets and Ronaldinho’s expectations, I’d suggest that the deal would only work with a combination of a club’s salary and a company that might want to explore Ronaldinho’s image, while he’s here in Australia, given that he has over 11 million followers on social media and each post generates on average over 130,000 likes.

The notion that Dinho is currently being marketed as a traveling Twitter campaign is a little depressing, but if that's what it takes to get him back on the pitch for a while longer, OaM can (grudgingly) get behind it. Especially if it keeps the possibility of a stint in MLS alive.