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Report: RB Leipzig rejects Tim Sebastian transfer rumor

RB Leipzig moves even quicker to shut down a rumor than RBNY, it would seem.

Karina Hessland/Getty Images

Hot on the heels of the rumor that RB Leipzig stalwart Tim Sebastian is readying to move to Harrison, we receive a firm rebuttal to the story.

A report in Mitteldeutsche Zeitung brings news of RB Leipzig's reaction to the Sebastian-to-New-York rumor:

Clear message: No

And the same piece adds the news that one of Sebastian's business representatives - Karl Michael Herzog - is also expecting the player to report to training with his current club in January.

End of story? Not even Mitteldeutsche Zeitung believes that, noting "the transfer period ends on 1 February, of course, still room for speculation."

The New York Red Bulls are in the midst of a pre-Christmas news frenzy, having just signed two players and promising more news ahead in the near future.

But it would appear that news won't be about Tim Sebastian. We will most likely have to wait until January - when the various Red Bull clubs start to fill their training camp rosters (Leipzig and Salzburg have mid-winter breaks; RBNY will have preseason arrangements to make) - to find out whether his future is in New York. Though Leipzig has said that it isn't in about as plain and simple a way as Google Translate will allow.