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Rumor: Fort Lauderdale Strikers pondering move for Ronaldinho

Might this be the Dinho-to-America rumor that actually comes true?

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Ronaldinho's long-rumored move to America is generally phrased as an interest in MLS - not least when he himself waxes lyrical about the league. But outside the USA, "MLS" is often deployed as a synonym for "American soccer". The distinction between MLS - a standalone league operating in relative isolation from other divisions in the USA and Canada - and other leagues in the same country is often not particularly important to a reporter hastily writing up the latest whispers on the subject of 'Dinho's future. He wants to play in America. MLS is, mostly, in America. Close enough.

But there is soccer life outside MLS in the USA, and 'Dinho has already been linked to a club near the base of the American soccer pyramid: a couple of months back, he was said to be considering a move to Corinthians USA - an amateur club with big ambitions.

More recently, 'Dinho was reported to be in discussions with Australia's A-League. A "Guest Player" stint, it was suggested, would be perfect for a man allegedly waiting for the US soccer season to start up again. And no sooner had that rumor dropped, then whispers appeared linking 'Dinho with a move to Fort Lauderdale Strikers.

The Strikers are not in MLS, but they are a professional team - based in NASL, the league currently designated as US Soccer's second division. More pertinently perhaps, the team has Brazilian ownership, including Ronaldo, one of the most decorated and celebrated players in recent history.

Plenty of reason to believe 'Dinho may have at least spoken to his former teammate about the soccer thing he has going in Florida. And now we need no longer speculate: Kristian Dyer has put his name to a report for Yahoo Sports stating sources have confirmed there is chatter in NASL ownership circles about the Strikers chasing after 'Dinho.

The Strikers' 2015 squad, incidentally, included former New York Red Bulls Jonathan Borrajo and Jose Angulo. It won't quite be the dream of 'Dinho suiting up in MLS, but a move to NASL would surely satisfy those of us who simply want the chance to see the man play before he retires.