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RBNY fans' hate index for 2015

Which teams do you hate?

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Every team has their big rivals. For the New York Red Bulls, it's D.C. United. To a lesser extent, the new England Revolution, Chicago Fire, and Philadelphia Union can claim some sort of rivarly. Even the new kids in town (New York City FC) have taken a ride on the Red Bulls' hate train this year. The question is, how much do we as a fan base, hate the other teams?

Full disclosure: I stole this idea from Adam Taylor at Black and Red United (yes, it's a DC blog, they have good ideas every once in a while surprisingly). The rules are simple. If you hate a team, give it a thumbs up. If you kind of like the team, give it a thumbs down (this is a poll about hating teams). If you feel neutral, don't give the team a rating. It's that simple.

The poll below will be open for a week, closing on January 7th, and we'll have another post to look at the results.

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