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Report: Real Sociedad hasn't heard from MLS about Carlos Vela, and isn't selling

It is now suggested Carlos Vela isn't going anywhere.

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Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Reddit user Luccfi has made good use of the weekend to give some air to a report published by El Diario Vasco that would appear to kill the rumor that Carlos Vela is on his way to MLS. The article points out that Vela is under contract with Real Sociedad until 2018, has a release clause estimated at around $32.6 million, and cost his current club close to $12 million in transfer fees (perhaps more) when his move from Arsenal was conclusively resolved last summer.

In short: Real Sociedad has a significant investment to protect. Further, per El Diario Vasco (via Google Translate), "none of the MLS has been in contact" with Vela's current club.

And the eagle-eyed Luccfi puts another dagger in the liveliest of the current MLS-related transfer rumors by presenting a Tweet from Vela himself:

Loosely translated: "Some people think they know more about my life than I do, and publish what they want. The only thing happening tomorrow is the game and everything else is [garbled audio]."

That would appear to be that.

One might point out, as reminded readers in a recent report, that this rumor has been kept alive in part by comments from those assumed to be close to the situation, like Vela's own agent. But now, it would seem, there is less enthusiasm for the move at Real Sociedad and within the player's camp (assuming those Tweeted comments were a reference to the suggestion his move to MLS might be confirmed this coming Sunday).