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Hello Once a Metro I'm Daniel Feuerstein

Saying hello to the readers as I join Once a Metro and will start some stories on the roster of 2015.

Daniel Feuerstein

Hello to all Once a Metro readers, this is Daniel Feuerstein. I am very excited for the opportunity to join this site as your beat writer that has been supporting and covering this club for the full twenty years of existence from the MetroStars, all the way to the New York Red Bulls.

I have been a fan of the game in the United States since the days of the original New York Cosmos that played at Giants Stadium with my family and when the 1994 World Cup came over to our shores, it brought back my love for the game and excited to see Major League Soccer being born two years later.

I promised myself the team that would play inside Giants Stadium or from within the NYC Tri-State Area would be the one that I would dedicate myself too forever and ever. Started to write about the team after the terrible 1999 season and created Metro Notes. A one page newsletter distributed in Hoboken, NJ and when the change was made it became RBNY Notes.

Became the Red Bulls reporter and the associate producer of the MLS Internet Radio show called Around the League in 90 minutes on the defunct CSRN (Champions Soccer Radio Network) for two seasons. Then joined MLS Talk (Now World Soccer Talk) & recently with Soccer Newsday & locally on Fans Favorite.

Started my live streaming show Feuerstein's Fire since St. Patrick's Day of 2010 and dedicated myself to the game in the USA as I use the first hour as the National Discussion and the second hour all dedicated to the New York Red Bulls. For over five years I have tallied over 140,000 listens live and archived combines with my Pre & Post Game World Cup Qualifier USA Vs. Mexico at Maphre Stadium on September 10th, 2013 with two listens shy of 7,000

What you will get from me are fair and tough articles on the New York Red Bulls and while I am grateful for the guys adding my show to their list of podcasts, I will incorporate my new colleagues into the show during the Red Bulls hour as much as I can.

Being in the press box at Red Bull Arena is an honor and a privilege to cover this club for you and to give you the information you so desperately need and want. I share those same beliefs and promise just like I have with past sites I have written for about the New York Red Bulls that you will get the same treatment.

For those of you that have followed me in the past, I hope to continue to do the same work for you and for this site when the 2015 season begins. For those that are new to me, I hope you enjoy what I have been doing for the last sixteen tears from the one page newsletter in Hoboken, all the way to Once a Metro now.


Daniel Feuerstein is the live streaming show link.