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Rumor: Newcastle United (still) in the hunt for New York Red Bulls' Kemar Lawrence

The rumor mill has brought fresh momentum to an old story.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Each passing day brings the January transfer window a little closer, and that means the rumor mill is gearing up for peak season. From the now-constant stream of transfer tittle-tattle, we notice's assertion that New York Red Bulls left back Kemar Lawrence is currently targeted by "a host of English clubs".

The article goes on to name three, which doesn't quite seem to add up to a "host" of clubs, but Once A Metro is not here to quibble. The pertinent detail offered by TeamTalk is the suggestion Newcastle United is "thought to be continuing to keep tabs on the full-back's progress." (The other two clubs mentioned are Leicester City and Reading, already rumored to be close to launching a formal bid.)

Newcastle, one may recall, was the club first linked to Lawrence - back in the summer when his work for Jamaica in Copa America and Gold Cup was still fresh in the memory. So TeamTalk's rumor is not entirely surprising or without precedent, though it should perhaps be noted the story wasn't particularly convincing in August and no information is offered to provide any greater reason to believe in it now than there was a few months ago.

Nor, for that matter, is there any greater not to believe it. Kemar Lawrence has had a very good season, for club and country. A little transfer market interest is to be expected. And with the best part of two months left in the current rumor season, OaM expects we'll hear about a little more in not-too-distant future.