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2015 OaM Awards: Save of the Year

We knew it was going to Robles all along, but which save?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

You might be wondering, "Save of the Year? I didn't get to vote on that in the plethora of other awards you asked me about." Well, you are right, but that's because there was no real contest for it.

See, we asked our staff to try and come up with at least 3-4 saves to nominate for this award, but we only got 1 nomination, and honestly, it doesn't deserve to be challenged.

The Red Bulls traveled out to take on the Portland Timbers in September, looking to take a hold of the Eastern Conference. The Red Bulls ultimately won 2-0 in route to a Supporters' Shield. One of the biggest reason for that win was Luis Robles, and his double save on a Portland set piece.

This save is so awesome that it doesn't need me to explain it. All I have to say is that Luis Robles is the man, and being given Goalkeeper of the Year and being named to the MLS Best XI was the right calls.