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Report: Ibrahim Sekagya retires, will take up coaching position for New York Red Bulls II

The New York Red Bulls have lost another player from their 2014 roster, but gained a coach...

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

New Vision, "Uganda's leading daily" per its tagline, is reporting Ibrahim Sekagya, the New York Red Bulls' veteran center back, has officially hung up his boots.

The report states Sekagya announced his retirement "in a phone call" - one we must assume did not include any RBNY staff or beat reporters, since the club apparently neglected to announce or leak this news before a major outlet operating in a time zone six hours ahead of the East Coast of the USA was apparently the first to hear about it.

New Vision also reports Sekagya has accepted a "lucrative part of the team's backroom coaching staff for Team B."

Sekagya sounds happy enough about the arrangement:

I am still part of the Red Bulls family and I thank them for giving me the opportunity to continue working with them

As New Vision points out, the Ugandan is a big deal in his home country: "unanimously labelled the most iconic player in the history of Ugandan football", to take their phrase.

He is also a pretty big deal in the context of Papa Red Bull's global soccer ambitions. Sekagya won three Austrian Bundesliga titles and one Austrian Cup with RB Salzburg, and was also a significant contributor to the New York Red Bulls' Supporters' Shield win in 2013 (he scored in the last two games of that regular season).

He is the first, and to date only, player to have won top-flight league titles with Red Bulls teams in two different countries. If there is any productive synergy between the various clubs of the Red Bull soccer empire, Sekagya is its most successful example.

And he'll be sticking around to coach the Baby Bulls, which is a good thing. There aren't a great many players with his level of success and experience kicking around Harrison.

We don't yet know if he'll be head coach of the reserve team, or an assistant - but it's good to see the club offering a former player the chance to start his coaching career within its system. It is, of course, a strategy that has served RBNY pretty well in the past.

All the best, Ibrahim. Glad you're staying with us, and hope you're every bit as successful a coach as you were a player.