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Report: Jhon Kennedy Hurtado to join New York Red Bulls' on trial

Gotta hand it to Jesse Marsch: he inherited a team with very few center backs, and he's remedying that problem with insatiable enthusiasm.

Abel Arciniega-USA TODAY Sports

You thought the New York Red Bulls had figured out their center back issues when they signed three guys who play that position in one day? And let another CB retire. And have ignored the services of one they have under contract (for what cannot be much longer).

Think again. Metro is reporting Jhon Kennedy Hurtado will join RBNY on trial for the second stage of its preseason: the upcoming trip to Orlando and the IMG Suncoast Pro Classic.

Hurtado has played for some good teams (Seattle Sounders from 2009 to 2013) and some bad ones (Chicago Fire and Chivas USA in 2014). He is, at the very least, an experienced MLS center back. Whether the roster has room for a fifth (or even sixth, if Armando continues to stick around) CB will presumably depend on Hurtado's performance over the next couple of weeks, or the Curtis/Marsch regime's appetite for firing another player if they determine they need to clear space on the roster for the new man.