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FIFA Still Not Involved In Oyongo Dispute

The World Soccer Body has not been called into solving the matter.

Oyongo keeps getting punished
Oyongo keeps getting punished
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The status of Ambroise Oyongo's transfer to the Montreal Impact has not reached the desk of FIFA.

Responding to a media request from Once A Metro, FIFA confirmed that FECAFOOT has not contacted them about cancelling Oyongo's contract with the Montreal Impact.

At the time of writing FIFA has not been officially contacted in the matter. Therefore we are not in a position to comment.

On Feb. 15, Lion Indomptable ran an interview with Rainbow Sports Investments vice-president Edgar Nuentsa, who said that Oyongo's transfer violated FIFA transfer laws. He added that the whole transfer saga was "riddled with inconsistencies," and FECAFOOT will confer with FIFA to cancel the transfer.

Two answers from Nuentsa stick out (text is translated using google translate):

There is the letter of the law and the spirit of the law, the transfer of Oyongo Bitolo is riddled with inconsistencies that could cancel the transfer and even contract it if the player was not in agreement with all parties involved in the transaction. Because for the player in transit Rainbow Fc Bamenda to facilitate his transfer to MLS, I must confess that we have used fraudulent tactics that are catching up with us today.


Indeed, the player has been successful with the Fécafoot following referral that he introduced to request the termination of his contract with the Rainbow Fc Bamenda. Despite some inconsistencies contained therein, to justify this decision, there is no doubt that any appeal against this decision to the Fc Fifa via Rainbow by Rainbow Sports Investment or Red Bull can not succeed. Because there are serious misconduct and child in the proceedings on which the Fécafoot relied to justify the cancellation. Faults that can only afford to FIFA, if entered, to confirm the decision of FECAFOOT.

Nuentsa's answers confirm, what we already know: there were some shady dealing's to get Oyongo to MLS, and now that he is here MLS' single-entity league structure are exposing RSI's and MLS' flaws in the deal.

If FIFA gets called in, the legality of Oyongo's contract with the New York Red Bulls, and the necessity of a International Transfer Certificate allowing a trade to Montreal will be called into question. The impact of both of those rulings could be larger than initially thought.

As of now a promising young player is stuck in limbo, as we wait for a decision to come.