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Rumor: Tim Cahill agrees terms with Shanghai Shenhua, New York Red Bulls still to agree severance

Another day, another credible Tim Cahill transfer rumor...

Matt Roberts/Getty Images

It's just a Tweet, but when it's from the founding editor of a website that specializes in Chinese soccer - sure, that counts for something:

And you don't need to just take his word for it:

The rumors about Shanghai Shenhua have been around for at least a week now, with Australia's SBS reporting the Chinese club is engaged in a Socceroo shopping spree that has thus far seen it fail to land Tomi Juric (said to have turned down a multi-year, multi-million dollar offer in favor of exploring options in Europe) and Nathan Burns.

The suggestion that Shanghai balked at the transfer fee demanded by Burns's current club (Wellington Phoenix, said to have asked for around $1.1 million) is discouraging news for those hoping RBNY might get significant compensation for Cahill (who has a year left on his contract with MLS). But it is possible Shanghai sees Cahill as a more valuable target than Burns - and the club was reported to have been willing to pay a seven-figure fee for Juric.

It is also possible RBNY doesn't want anything other than a large salary and a player of questionable commitment to the cause off its books.

The Australian media is reporting Shanghai's offer is a one-year deal worth around $2.3 million, which seems like a step down for a player thought to have earned $3.6 million for his last season with the New York Red Bulls, and for whom UAE's Al-Ahli was rumored to be willing to throw down almost $4.7 million for an 18-month contract.

One of these rumors will turn out to be true. Until then, Tim Cahill seems to be settling in for some down time.