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PDL announces schedule for shadowy "New York" team

We don't know who its owners are or what it all means, but we're claiming it as New York's until someone tells us otherwise.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

You may be following the saga of the missing Red Bulls U-23 team, or you may have a life.

To recap, the New York Red Bulls withdrew its U-23 team from the NPSL. Whether it will play in 2015 or not remains to be seen. However, Austin "Sherlock Holmes" Fido dug through the existing evidence and declared that the team will probably be playing in the USL Premier Development League.

Today, the PDL released its schedule with the mystery "New York" team still unnamed. Such intrigue that only minor league, amateur American soccer could generate.

If one is to assume that this "New York" team is in fact the New York Red Bulls U-23, then it should also be assumed that this team will be playing its home matches at the training center in East Hanover as it did last year.

One of the benefits of the move to PDL is that this "New York" team will have more local opponents than it did in the NPSL. Multiple trips to Rhode Island and Massachusetts have been replaced by more local matches and two "out of area matches" (in Virginia and Maryland).

Last year's U-23 team finished its season undefeated and won the NPSL championship at Red Bull Arena. The reasons for a MLS club having a full reserve team and U-23 team are outlined here.

(h/t Nick Bottom)

Are you excited that the Red Bulls will still have a U-23 team? Did you even know the U-23 team existed? Do questions at the end of blogs make you want to comment more or less frequently? Why do I feel like I have to prove myself to you?