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Red Bull Roundup: Oyongo madness, Tim Cahill gone, Sacha Kljestan scores and more

A player may or may not be traded? What else happened with the Red Bulls this week?

Come on man, Montreal isn't all that bad.
Come on man, Montreal isn't all that bad.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

We're introducing a new weekly feature here at Once a Metro, the Red Bull Roundup. This will be a roundup of all the biggest news surrounding the New York Red Bulls with a little bit of commentary thrown in for good measure. Without further ado, let's get started.

Ambroise Oyongo

The Cameroonian left back was traded from the Red Bulls to the Montreal Impact. Except that FECA FOOT (The Cameroon FA) thinks that should never have happened. They claim that Oyongo, who is 23 years old and played in the Africa Cup of Nations, was/is an amateur player when he was loaned to the Red Bulls at the beginning of 2014, and thus couldn't be traded, despite the Red Bulls, the Impact, and MLS thinking they had bought out his contract. Back when the trade was first announced, Oyongo's agent wasn't very happy with the deal, claiming he was told that Oyongo would be with the Red Bulls, so he stopped shopping the back around. It seems that Oyongo & his agent were misled about the status of his contract pre-trade, according to Mitchell Tierney of Last Word on Sports. So, who knows what is going on. Let's just hope there's an amicable solution which doesn't hurt the Red Bulls, the Impact, or MLS.

告别 (Farewell) Tim Cahill


According to Google Translate, that's Chinese for "Farewell Tim Cahill, don't let the door hit you on the way out." I know that sentiment isn't shared by all of the Red Bull fan base, but a guy who was more concerned about playing for Australia than for his club? Good riddance. It's not like he was that great for us last year anyway.

Sacha Kljestan Impresses

Kljestan's had a good week as he scored in his first ever match with the team. It was a preseason closed door scrimmage, but still, it's a goal.

MoreAli Curtis is a cold-hearted genius

College Bound

The Red Bulls Academy sent 23 players off to college. That's more than enough for a match day 18, and just 3 short of the current senior roster posted on the Red Bulls website. If the Red Bulls' Academy was Stacy's mom, they would have it going on.

Wide (US) Open Cup

The Red Bulls will have two teams in the US Open Cup, one in MLS, one in USL Pro. If their NPSL championship is honored, then the U-23 team will be included as well. 3 of 91 teams in the tournament. Their best odds ever! Also, they'll be taking it super cereal; we know because they said so.

Young Bulls Abroad

Not only do the Red Bulls have a massive number of academy players going out to college, they have three academy players that have been called into US Youth teams. The academy is pure awesomeness right now.

Music Video of the Week

Bowling for Soup - Almost

Why? Because Chris Burney is wearing a New York Jets Curtis Martin Jersey, despite being from Texas. Plus, what's the fun if we don't have music.