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OaM Mailbag: #StayPeguy

Where we debate the merits of hashtag-tivism..

We are the official fan club of Peguy Luyindula, sorry rest of the Red Bulls we still kind of love you
We are the official fan club of Peguy Luyindula, sorry rest of the Red Bulls we still kind of love you
Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

There is only one reader question in this week's mailbag. Do you know what that means?

Either our answers last week were so horrible that you all decided to never email us again and we have brought shame to the online #RBNY community, or our answers were so amazing you all decided that you don't need to ask us questions.

Both are wrong. Always. Ask. Questions. There are no bad questions, only bad people and the people that read our website are good (even if good and evil are moral constructs created solely by man and have nothing to do with the natural state of chaos that the universe exists in).

Anyway, this week's question comes from Charles, and deals with a subject that struck a chord with a lot of Red Bulls fans.

If Peguy has no Twitter, does he exist?

Yes. The first rule of Twitter is, actually, "don't tweet." So by not having a Twitter account Peguy is actually the most enlightened man of all of us.

Seriously though, looking for onceametro opinion and help in garnering grassroots support for bringing Peguy back to rbny in 2015.

Basically, some/any sort of viral momentum that will help bring him back

If you would like to start a hashtag and get a large group of people to beg and plead on Twitter to keep Peguy Luyindula I think that's an idea and one that may or may not work.

I will now decree the hashtag "#StayPeguy as the official #RBNY #fanbase #hashtag to encourage Luyindula to not retire. Please #RBNY #fans, tweet at these twitter accounts: @NewYorkRedBulls, @DaxMcCarty11, @TheRealBWP, @MrLloydSam, @SachaKljestan, @FeliMartins23, @MattMiazga3, @chrisduvall91, @EmpireofSoccer, @HowardMegdal, @once_a_metro, @doctastooge, @canetop, @redbjb, @GothamistDan, and any other Red Bulls employees and team members you can think of. Don't tweet at @ABauer_ATR. He sucks.

Hashtag-tivism is an interesting phenomenon. I'm not convinced it gets anything done, but in many cases it does start earnest conversations. Though for every #FairTweets, there is a #CancelColbert which gets mocked in the Huffington Post. If we get a Huffington Post profile out of all of this we may increase #traffic but not keep Peguy. Oh well.

Tweet away I guess. #StayPeguy.

Once again the email for the mailbag is Please email us. We are smart (well maybe not Aaron Bauer, he is dumb) and are ready to answer your questions. #StayPeguy