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What are you doing Mr. Oyongo?

Where we remind ourselves that the first rule of Twitter is "don't tweet."

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the Red Bulls officially acquired Ambroise Oyongo's playing rights on Jan. 9, controversy and mystery have followed the player.

This time though, it looks like Oyongo himself is creating the controversy.

I mentioned in today's mailbag answers that the first rule of twitter is: don't tweet. Well, a retweet sure as heck counts as a tweet, and Oyongo is doing some retweetin'.

After being silent on twitter since Jan. 27, Oyongo has returned to the interwebs.

Apparently during the last CONCACAF Champions League game featuring Montreal (and a forward RBNY could have drafted) the broadcast mentioned how Oyongo has not reported to the team since the trade that brought him there. Oyongo has since retweeted that tweet.


That's kind of a mean thing to do if you are not actually about to report to the Montreal Impact. Unless you are actually reporting to the Montreal Impact...?

The second tweet reads: "@OyongoA Montreal Awaits you."

It's 2 am in Cameroon. If Oyongo is there, he's possibly doing some late night twitter trolling via retweets to a team he refuses to report to. Or, he is alluding via retweet at like 8:30 pm in Montreal that he could be coming back to the squad after all.

This is all very confusing. I hope Oyongo reports because I'd like to see him in MLS rather than not in MLS and not playing soccer.

Anyway, never tweet.