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Buy 'Em or Bag 'Em Week 2: Ronald Zubar, Peguy Luyindula, and Ruben Bover

If you have RBNY players on your team, make sure to put them on the bench.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

*Buy 'Em or Bag 'Em will be the weekly preview to playing Fantasy MLS, from a RBNY perspective.  I will also post a story after each game week has finished to recap who were the good, the bad and the ugly performers*

Roster change deadline: Friday March 13, 7:00pm ET

Amount of Free Transfers this week: 2

The New York Red Bulls will have to wait one more week before their home opener against D.C. United. It is strange to have a bye right when the season has just started, but it could be a blessing in disguise. This will give Fantasy high-scoring defenseman Ronald Zubar (5 points) additional time to heal from his strained hamstring injury so he is ready in time for Part I of the Atlantic Cup.

If you are one of the 140+ players (0.6%) holding Peguy Luyindula on your team, bag 'em. Too many rumors are circulating that he will be leaving the team soon and is possibly contemplating retirement. No need to have $7.5M tied up on a 'no-show' Week 1 and a 'maybe' the rest of the season. It probably won't help his mood that Felipe Martins was sporting the number 8 on his jersey last week either.

The same holds true for Ruben Bover, who is owned by 0.3% of fantasy players. The best bet is to invest his $5.5M cost in another player. Anatole Abang comes in at the same price, but at least he earned a point last week. The young Cameroonian made an appearance in the final seven minutes of RBNY's 1-1 draw with Sporting Kansas City.

The transfer window ends Friday night at 7:00 pm Eastern, so make sure all of your changes are set before Houston kicks off against Orlando. More to come next week, leading up to the RBNY home opener against D.C. United on March 22nd.

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