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Kosuke Kimura Transfer Highly Rated

A team in Poland's I Liga needs help, and a former Red Bull could be the guy to do it.

Super Kosuke!
Super Kosuke!
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Widzew Łódź are in trouble.

They only have 1 league win in 18 games, in Poland's second division the I Liga. Widzew Łódź played last season in the Ekstraklasa, Poland's top division. Two relegations in consecutive years for a team is a disaster. Can they be saved?

source: wikipedia.

Probably not. But one man may be determined to save them: former Red Bull Kosuke Kimura. Kimura transferred to Łódź after having his option not picked up by the Red Bulls. has gone full Bleacher Report on transfer into Poland and rates Kimura going to Łódź as the best Polish midseason transfer (translated):

Kosuke Kimura (New York Red Bulls → Widzew Lodz) - one of such transfers, which are simply hard to believe. The Japanese, who for years played in MLS, he shared a dressing room with Thierry Henry and was regarded as a model of hard work, he decided to move to the first division. And this is the last team in the table. It is difficult to find the logic, so we will not even look. It is known that Kimura is an ambitious guy who wants to play regularly, but it seems that with the cv could anchor in a strong team.

Once again, Thierry Henry has retired, but just being in the same locker room with him will make you the best transfer into Poland during the winter transfer period.

(h/t @AFydryszewski for the find)