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Rumor: Roma's Daniele De Rossi to Toronto FC or Orlando City SC; rumor mill snubs New York Red Bulls once again

The rumor mill giveth and the rumor mill taketh away...

Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

If there was a far-fetched transfer rumor RBNY fans thought they might be able to rely on, it was surely the notion that Roma stalwart, Daniele De Rossi, might be eyeing up a move to New York.

There are a great many reasons not to believe in De-Rossi-to-MLS rumors: he's the highest paid player in Serie A; he's about as closely connected to Roma and its fans as it is possible to be; and his contract isn't up until the end of the 2015-16 season, which is a long time for player and club to work out an accommodation that might see him retire in the shirt of the club he undoubtedly loves the most.

Reason to believe he might move to MLS? He's fond of the USA and has said he'd like to live here one day. Reason to believe he might move to RBNY? "New York" was a favored destination when this rumor got hot a few months back - so that's at least a one-in-three chance of RBNY being the club in question. Indeed, as recently as March 6, De Rossi was being linked to a move to "New York".

Unfortunately, the rumor mill increasingly does not smile on RBNY. News out of Italy today has revived the De-Rossi-to-MLS dream, but New York is no longer mentioned. As the highest paid player in Serie A, a good rumor needs to link him to clubs perceived to be able to pay him his due. And the rumor-mongers appear to have found better candidates: Toronto FC and Orlando City.

There is a new class of MLS big-spenders, and - as was the case when someone wanted us to believe Mario Balotelli had eyes for the league - they will attract the big rumors, it would seem. is reporting TFC and OCSC are ready to offer De Rossi a $6.3 million contract to move to MLS. Other outlets offer the same story. suggests the deal might be worth $7 million - conveniently, the approximate estimated value of De Rossi's current contract with Roma.

Will it happen? Who knows? The latest crop of rumors seem to be inspired by Roma's recent struggles on the field, and the perception De Rossi is part of the current problem. In other words, if his form picks up, these rumors likely disappear.

What is important here is that RBNY's currency is fading. Its place as a go-to destination when a transfer rumor needs a US club to link with an unsettled star of global soccer grows less certain. And this is a little saddening. Seeing one's club included in a variety of preposterous rumors is part of the fun of the game, and RBNY seems to be missing out more and more on that fun these days.