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NYRBII: "Tricky roster to put together"

Where a certain coach confirms how little we really know.

Hey Woly.
Hey Woly.
Byron Hetzler-USA TODAY Sports

Its more than safe to say that the roster for the 2015 NYRB II team will be "in flux."

This was confirmed by head coach John Wolyniec by the pr machine of the United Soccer League. Wolyniec mentioned the trickiness of creating a roster for a team, that will have RBNY academy players, RBNY MLS loanees, and then players signed to USL contracts.

Wolyniec says he will need to be "flexible" and able to "work on his feet," when constructing the roster, which is fair given that we still don't know what the objectives of NYRBII will be, and how it will aid in player development.

That being said, this video didn't do much to inspire confidence about the team. We are 15 days away from first kick in USL, and we don't have a roster.

I encourage everyone to watch the video, because it for sure is interesting, but also because it shows that maybe NYRBII wasn't as thought out as we believed [or in the case of some here didn't believe].

My favorite line from all of this? When asked if the Red Bulls organization has spoken to other USL reserve teams such as LA Galaxy II to get help Wolyniec responded with "we've had [insert the longest awkward pause you can imagine here] conversations and such to avoid some of the pitfalls they've experienced."

I still have a lot of faith in NYRBII given that we don't really need to sign many players to USL contracts. We have a lot of guys on the roster that will be candidates to loan to USL long term, and a lot of trialists that have not been snatched up anywhere else that could eventually sign with the USL team.

These are going to be a hectic 15 days. When are we going to get any signings? Can the team share more about its vision with NYRB II so that followers of the team can understand its purpose? Player development is a nice shield to hide behind, but time is running out and there are still much more questions than answers.