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The team has dropped some breadcrumbs on the trail that is roster construction for NYRB II

This isn't NYRB II, but what is NYRB II?
This isn't NYRB II, but what is NYRB II?
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Once A Metro has learned NYRB II will have between 19-24 players on its roster.

A RBNY spokesperson has confirmed to OaM the size of the roster, and some information on how the team plans to construct its inaugural United Soccer League team.

Speaking to OaM a RBNY spokesperson said:

We will sign approximately 10-14 players on NYRB II contracts and will balance the roster out with the use of approx. 5 academy players and 4-6 MLS players on loan.

So approximately 9-11 players on the USL roster are accounted for, even though the team currently has no roster. It remains to be seen which academy players, and which MLS loanees will be used on the roster, but its a lot more reassuring that there is a plan for NYRB II. It would not be a stretch to see draft picks Shawn McClaws and Manolo Sanchez loaned to this squad to get minutes.

What type of players will be considered for the reserve team? The team spokesperson confirmed they would be looking at all options, especially those that fit in a "professional environment:"

We will sign the players that we feel can play our style of play, fit our culture, have potential to develop into an MLS players and/or add value to our professional environment. We feel our environment, high standards, coaching and link to our first team provides players an attractive opportunity as they evaluate NYRB II as an option.

The Red Bulls have had plenty of trialists such as Anthony Wallace, Keymar Lawrence, and Marius Obekop who were in camp but never signed with RBNY or another MLS team. It will be seen if any of these players end up on the USL team, or with the Red Bulls.

Recent players such as Ian Christianson and Ruben Bover would have been perfect candidates for NYRB II, but alas they are MLS free agents currently. It remains to see if any of the players end up back with the organization on USL contracts.

NYRB II remains a confusing part of the Red Bulls' puzzle for 2015, like many aspects of the team, but at least we know it will have a full roster.