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OaM Mailbag: Richards, Sam, Zizzo, Grella, and Denny's

Player formations, clothing questions, and food. Seems like an original Lester Townsend piece, but nope. This is the OaM Mailbag.

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It's time for the Once a Metro weekly Mailbag! Every week you can write us at and ask us any question you feel fit, or just tell us we're all dumb and you know better. Either works. Let's get on with this week's questions.

What do you think about putting Sam on the left and putting Dane at right mid? Also what do you think are the chances it happens? -Ryan

Aaron Bauer:

I don't think Dane Richards is a 90 minute player in MLS anymore even if he is amazing and a hero to all that is fun in the world. So I think to answer your question I think it's much more plausible to see Lloyd Sam subbed off for Dane Richards than seeing both on the field at the same time. Also Mike Grella is our left wing so I wouldn't be surprised to see a Hans Backe branded traffic cone start a match there at one point even if it's just for a US Open Cup match. The left mid spot will remain a question all year.

That left midfield spot probably isn't going to stop being a question mark any time soon. The way I see it, the team can go for more talent out there, either in the form of Mike Grella like we saw on Sunday or Sacha Kljestan (though that may not be plausible if Peguy Luyindula really does go), or a more natural positional fit with a player like Sal Zizzo. What do you think is more important from the player playing on the left wing? Class or width? -Adam

Austin Fido:

That's a trick question isn't it? We don't have a natural left winger in the squad: a player of class at left wing would provide width. On the left side, we lost both class (Thierry Henry) and width (Ambroise Oyongo) in the off-season, and it will take more than a makeweight to replace either.

We looked at some left-sided players in preseason, so there's a chance one or two of them join the squad in the near future (Kemar Lawrence, Anthony Wallace, or possibly Marius Obekop). I'd like to see a true left winger at least be an option on the roster, and maybe we'll see if one of those trialists fits the bill.

As to what's more important: whatever works. We switched to the 4-2-3-1 last year essentially because Henry was dropping deeper and tending to skew left anyway, and Bradley Wright-Phillips can run the channels and convert service as well as anyone in the history of MLS. We played the majority of the Shield-winning season with Eric Alexander at right wing and Jonny Steele on the left - neither true wide men.

I think we're missing something - specifically, a specialist - but I also concede we have improvised around similar challenges pretty well in the recent past.

Is it considered some kind of faux pas to wear a Mets cap or jersey to the RBNY match at Yankee Stadium? -Andrew

Jason Iapicco:

Personally, yes. If you are going to the game, you are going for one of two reasons. You are either supporting a team playing or just watching a game. If you don't have a stake in the game, then it's not a chance for you to wear clothing related to a team not playing. If your team is playing, then wear their stuff you want to wear something branded. This is made worse to me if you are wearing something for a sport not even being played.

Before you tell me it's a joke, let me say that I get it. It's funny (not really). Support the New York Red Bulls. Wear a RBNY hat if you want to wear one. Don't be that guy who wears stuff of a team not even playing.

Any idea what Richard Eckersley is doing now? I think he would have fit well into the new system and was disappointed RBNY didn't bring him back this year. -Matt


He's an assistant manager at the 17th best Denny's in Florida. Supposedly the Daytona franchise is looking for a manager, so he sent over an application. Fingers crossed!

Jason Iapicco:

So, to peek behind the curtain. I send the guys here a Google document with the questions and let them have at it, so I don't really know who wrote the above response. We can't verify the truth in the statement about him applying for the Daytona Denny's, but if it's true, good for him. I heard Daytona is moving up the Florida Denny's rankings, so it'll be a good way to look at moving up the corporate ladder.