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Jerome de Bontin is on Twitter, and he might be worth a follow

Former GM of RBNY on Twitter and (sort of) speaking his mind? Worth a follow, surely?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Remember Jerome de Bontin? He was the general manager of the New York Red Bulls from October 2012 until March 2014, when he unexpectedly resigned citing strategic differences with Papa Red Bull.

Shortly after his departure, he appeared at a conference - "Soccer as the Beautiful Game" - in which he expressed disappointment with the US soccer media:

America’s soccer culture is bland and unchallenging, according to de Bontin. Nobody really cares about it as a result, and the U.S. soccer media fails in its duty to pressurize those within the game.

"If writers don’t challenge us, imagine how difficult it is for us to stimulate the audience," de Bontin said.

"I would encourage the press to be braver."

And then he seemed to go kind of quiet. But now he's on Twitter.

Early signs are de Bontin might be a fun follow. He seems inclined to offer an opinion.

And he's happy to gently challenge the famously thin-skinned Grant Wahl.

As well as tweaking Seattle for putting a good team on a bad pitch.

Early days yet, and little more than gentle chiding and amiable chit-chat so far. But de Bontin harbors some strong opinions about soccer in general and the US media in particular. And if he's starting to explore putting those opinions out for everyone to see, he's worth a follow.