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Empire promotes USWNT and WWC

The best show on TV hypes the best sporting event this summer.

Canada 2015 here we come!
Canada 2015 here we come!
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

This is an interesting piece of cross-promotion.

I'm not sure where this came from, but on a purely objective level its an awesome song choice to get hyped for the Women's World Cup. Empire is a great television program, and really socially progressive for 2015, and the music on the show is the highlight.

The Women's World Cup is going to be a very deep, exciting tournament, and hopefully will give women's soccer a boost in popularity, but it's a shame this FOX #branded stunt even happened.

Empire has been one of the highest-rated TV shows this year, and capitalizing on its season finale comes off as an insincere stunt by FOX to "promote the event"

A better way to support the WNT is to watch them during the tournament and in the run-up (Once a Metro readers: there is a friendly at Red Bull Arena vs. the Republic of Korea on May 30 - pack the house), so in the future executives don't think they need to resort to #branding stunts like this.