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Corrections: March 2, 2015

In which we offer the correction the New York Times is apparently reluctant to issue...

Hey look, its silverware! Won by the Red Bulls!
Hey look, its silverware! Won by the Red Bulls!
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


An infographic caption last Friday in an article about soccer in the New York City area misstated the number of original Major League Soccer teams without a championship title. The caption suggested only one such team, New York Red Bulls, is without a championship. The New York Red Bulls won the MLS Supporters' Shield in 2013, the regular season championship recognized by the league. Three original clubs, FC Dallas, the New England Revolution, and the New York Red Bulls have never won an MLS postseason championship, but the former two have won the Lamar Hunt United States Open Cup, a regular season knockout championship governed by the United States Soccer Federation, not MLS.


Fixed that for you, New York Times: