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Mike Petke addresses supporters over protest plans

Three tweets: Petke speaking his mind simply and straightforwardly, as always.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after midnight on March 21, the day after a Friday dominated (for New York Red Bulls fans) by back and forth, and a little more back and a dash extra of forth, about Empire Supporters Club's planned home-opener protest, the man whose abrupt dismissal by RBNY triggered the whole thing, took to Twitter to address fans directly.

The link is to this article by Kristian Dyer for Big Apple Soccer, detailing the changes to a plan that had initially involved fans leaving their seats to march around the stadium. Instead, ESC will take its usual place in the stadium, and plans to fill the opening 12 minutes of the match with displays and chants honoring Mike Petke. The club's official statement is here.

Petke - perhaps uniquely able to comment from the perspective of a player, coach and fan - approves of ESC's decision to reverse its decision to (temporarily) withdraw its support from the Arena (or at least, the parts of it visible from the field).