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Notes on a hashtag, or why the New York Red Bulls are not the New York Rangers

Enough, MLS. Stop. Now.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Psst...MLS, some people have been trying to tell you something...

You listened!

Except... forgot again.

One more time, with gusto: MLS, this is #NYR.

The New York Rangers. You may have heard of them. Most fans of the New York Red Bulls have heard of them. Some of them even support them.

The Rangers sort of play in similar colors to the Red Bulls, and they're just as easy to get to by PATH as RBNY. So it's possible to see where you're getting confused. But The New York Rangers are not the New York Red Bulls. Trust us on this.

We get it, MLS: you've been pushed off balance by the arrived of NYC FC. NYC FC is also a New York MLS team. And they need to be distinguished from their neighbors. So they are #NYC.

Makes sense: it's part of the name of the team.

So if you're quoting team names in your hashtags, go for #RBNY. No...not #NYRB. That one is taken.



Or at least it would be if you, MLS, would stop trying to take everyone's hashtags. The New York Review of Books has been around since 1963. It is a fine and respected publication. It joined Twitter in 2007 and has 844,000 followers.

The New York Red Bulls joined Twitter in 2009. They have 125,000 followers. And they don't need to be #NYRB, because they are #RBNY.



So, the New York Red Bulls are #RBNY. Or just plain #NY if you need tweet out a match-up: #NYvDC. Simple.

And if you think fans of either NYC FC or RBNY are too muddleheaded to tell the difference between #NYC and #NY - that leads us back to #RBNY. #RBNYvDC - still works. We forgive you for thinking we're dumb. Or maybe you think NYC FC fans are dumb. Either way: #RBNY. Or #NY, if you can wrap your head around the possibility fans will be able to tell the difference between #NY and #NYC.

But not #NYR. Because we are not them.



Stop stealing the hashtags of other organizations. Stop confusing fans of one of your own teams by dancing around all over the alphabet with different acronyms for the same club. And listen to those who support and follow the team online and on the pitch.

#RBNY, MLS. Or plain #NY if you need to talk about a game: #NYvDC.

Please. And also, thank you.