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When I truly learned to hate DC United: Reader Edition

We asked you to tell us when you learned to hate DC United. Here's what you said.

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A few days ago, we posted a piece where some of the Once a Metro staff detailed the moment when we really started to hate rival D.C. United. We also asked you, the reader to feel free to submit your stories. Below you will find stories, both short & long from readers and fans of the New York Red Bulls and how they came to hate D.C.


I am a relatively new fan. Of course after I dipped my foot in the RBNY pool, I am now in the deep end.

The moment I really started to hate DC was in 2012. That was the first season I really started to go to multiple games in Harrison, and make time to watch the away matches on TV. On November 8th my power had basically just been restored after Sandy so I sat and watched the DC v. RBNY second leg of the playoffs. We all know what happened, and now the thought of DC United makes me sick. #HateDCWeek

Diego A:

Growing up in the DC area should have molded me into a D.C. United fan. I had always enjoyed watching the MetroStars play because of players like Tony Meola, Adolfo Valencia, Antony de Avila and so on. I went to a DC game once sporting my Atletico Nacional jersey and stood with the Screaming Eagles and Barra Brava. I had beer thrown at me and it wasnt fun. I finally went to a game against the MetroStars with my dad. After the first half I left him and went to stand with the Empire Supporters Club. I never felt so welcome and never had I ever had as much fun at a soccer game. That's when I fell in love with the Metro and this ignited the hatred against the scum.

Peter K:

My first full year as a season ticket holder ended in playoff defeat to DC. The next year was when I really grew to hate DC. Hurricane Sandy had just devastated the area. The date for the playoff legs were switched. And when they were supposed to play (a weeknight game) it was snowing. The PATH trains were in taters. I took a NJT train to Newark. We then walked to the arena in the snow, took our seats, and subsequently sat in the freezing cold and snow for over an hour after the planned match start before they cancelled the game. We saw Mike Petke shoveling but no soccer. Come back the next night, still just as difficult to get to the arena. We lost at home. Out of the playoffs. It was THEN that I hated DC.

Matt W:

Going into the inaugural MLS season in 1996, it would be an understatement to say I was beyond stoked. As a nine year old who had been transfixed by the World Cup in my home country two years prior, I was absolutely ecstatic about the MetroStars coming to town. Growing up in NY, a few of my friends also from immigrant families were as excited as I was, but most of my 6th grade buddies could care less.

My friends Dad took us to two home matches that season, and it was glorious. My own professional team, my own hometown, players I could call my own. Legends like Donadoni, Caricola, Tony goddamned Meola. I used to carry around a dog eared Sports Illustrated from 1995 that had profiles of all the new teams, and read it everyday waiting for the bus.

Fast forward to playoff time in season one and Metro are down at DC, in that concrete monstrosity that is RFK, game 3 of the series against United. I sat glued to the TV with my Dad as the clock ticked down to a 1-0 loss and elimination. Then in the 87th minute, with a pass from the outside of his right boot that only a God could summon, Donadoni plays in Colombian Smurf Antony de Avila (he was 5'2"!), who slides it in for 1-1. Bedlam in my NY living room, all was right in the world. Except it wasn't. Two minutes later Etcheverry went down in the box, won the PK, and Diaz Arce buries it to send United through. To make it worse, a few weeks later my grandparents came back from a trip to DC and bought me a DC United t-shirt as a gift. In XL size (I was NINE). I used it as a rag when my parents made me paint my room a few years later. God I hate DC United.

Cole Aldrich's Missing Tooth:

I went to the NYRB wikipedia page and saw them listed as our rivals so I decided to hate them ¯\(ツ)/¯.