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Was Bradley Wright-Phillips snubbed in Goal of the Week?

Seriously, who picks the candidates? How much is it to get some love for the Red Bulls?

BWP won't stop, he can't stop, until he proves the critics wrong.
BWP won't stop, he can't stop, until he proves the critics wrong.
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Like every week, MLS puts out it's Goal & Save of the Week candidates. Naturally, Bradley Wright-Phillips' (of the New York Red Bulls) goal against D.C. United is one of them.

OK, let's just head over to and vote...wait, what's this? Wright-Phillips isn't up for goal of the week? That's OK, it must mean there are better goals, so let's see what we have.

Goal #1: Fatai Alashe - San Jose Earthquakes

I can see how a goal in the opening of Avaya Stadium is impressive. It's the same reason David Villa got nominated last week despite it not being a sensational goal. I mean, a free header when the goalie was defending a corner kick is hard to put away.

Goal #2: Ryan Hollingshead - FC Dallas

He seemed to flub that but it did trickle past the goalie. It's hard mishitting a ball and having it bounce through for a goal.

Goal #3: Robbie Keane - LA Galaxy

I'll give Keane credit, he did run a long way and beat a defender. Getting a deflection off of a goalie is lucky as it's so hard to call that. Keane should challenge 90's Jordan & Bird at horse. He'd win some McDonald's that way.

Goal #4: Octavio Rivero - Vancouver Whitecaps

Listen, scoring a header on a free kick like that? He had to have been cheating at FIFA 15.

Goal #5: Harry Shipp - Chicago Fire

Please, I'm still angry at the "not offside" goal from last year. Slotting away a ball a striker should 99.9999999% of the time won't impress me.

Alright I can see how 4 of the 5 goals are better than Wright-Phillips. Guess we'll just to wait for him to impress us again.

Seriously though, MLS' Goal of the Week needs a write in section this week for Bradley Wright-Phillips. Oh, and that Lloyd Sam goal was nothing to sneeze at either.