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Ticket information for NYRB II opening match

Once a Metro has you covered on how to watch NYRB II take on the Rochester Rhinos.

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Pictured: A field containing every NYRB II player
Pictured: A field containing every NYRB II player
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

You asked, and we have the information on tickets for NYRB II's first match!

According to a Red Bulls spokesperson, fans will be able to buy tickets at the box office or online for the historic first match for NYRB II.

NYRB II has a landing page for ticket information, but single game tickets are available from ticketmaster dot com. Tickets will cost $10 for each individual game, and season ticket holders can still purchase a pack of 5 NYRB II home games at Red Bull Arena for $40.

So who will you get the please of seeing at the historic first NYRB II match? Well there product Tyler Adams!

Oh wait you already knew that?


The Red Bulls have told Once a Metro that:

As soon as the contracts are approved by the league and all proper parties, we will have a roster posted online.

Alright! Right now I am imagining that Tyler Adams is a number 10 in a 0-0-1-0 formation that is going to shred Rochester. Take that USL! Give us the championship! Or some players. Both work.