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Vote for Luis Robles: MLS Save of Week 3

Another quality save from Luis Robles is up for MLS SotW. Vote Robles!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time again: Vote Robles!

Luis Robles made five saves (and watched a penalty attempt sail over the bar) in the New York Red Bulls' first win of the 2015 season. As the late PK awarded to DC served to remind: things can happen to turn a game pretty quickly. It's no great stretch to imagine Chris Pontius standing over the ball on the penalty spot in stoppage time with a shot to tie the game for D.C. United, not - as was the case - tack a meaningless consolation goal to the score line.

Why isn't it a stretch? Because among the five saves he made, Robles got behind one shot that is a goal on most other occasions: Chris Rolfe connected with a cross in the six-yard box and fired hard and low and on target.

You can say Robles was in the right place at the right time: some call that positioning. And the rest was reflexes. That save prevented a more anxious end to the match, and meant all that was at stake when Pontius got his chance from the penalty spot was the clean sheet.

The flubbed spot kick secured Robles his 21st shutout as a Red Bull: second on the all-time list for the club.

Sure, there are other candidates for Save of the Week...

...but Luis is our guy, and he did good work this week. Give him a vote.

Last time he was up for Save of the Week, Robles finished third in the voting with 14.22% of the vote. Let's see if that can be improved upon.

Vote Robles!