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Is this NYRBII's home jersey?

Twitter leaks are the best.

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls USL team (NYRB2) is starting to release names of signed players, and some of the players are letting the news come out on Twitter.

Yay for signing pl...wait, what's that. That doesn't look like the Red Bulls' senior jersey. It does look familiar however.

RB Salzburg Kit

That, for those who are unaware, is a jersey of RB Salzburg, one of New York's sister teams. There's obviously some differences with Adidas vs Nike branding, but gone are the red sleeves and "New York" in red trim at the bottom of the senior jersey (see image at top of the article). Since the shorts are not shown, I'm going to assume they are the standard red shorts, because not many teams are bold enough to try an all white jersey, and the New York Red Bulls have never been one of them. We still don't know the away jersey, but I suspect it'll be a variation of the current blue jersey. Either way, we'll at least know what the team is wearing on Saturday for season opener.