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NYRB II add Borges, da Fonte to roster

Roster day is upon us, and NYRB II players are slowly leaking out.

I hope the fans pack the stands for NYRB II
I hope the fans pack the stands for NYRB II
Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

At this point why do we even need a full roster release?

Two more players have announced via Twitter that they will be playing for New York Red Bulls II in the United Soccer League this year.

As an aside, if having all the players announce their USL contracts or RBNY loans to NYRB II one at a time on Twitter for fans to find is the way this team is going to be announce, I'm in favor. I always love when anyone pulls a Boards of Canada and releases something via a modern day deep-internet scavenger hunt.

Marcello Borges played with the U17/U18 academy team this year and started 15 of the team's 16 matches. He scored 1 goal. Borges played this year with fellow NYRB II commit Kyle Zajec.

After playing with the USL squad this summer Borges will join the University of Michigan in the fall.

With some basic internet scouting, Once a Metro has concluded that Borges is a right back, who can be a wing back who pushes up high to be a right winger, and possibly play center mid. Basically he is Gareth Bale. But way more upside than Gareth Bale. Gotta look at the upside.

With the addition of Borges, NYRB II has two academy players on their roster that will not lose college eligibility in the fall.

Mike da Fonte, another right back, appears to be the second professional contract signed for NYRB II after academy product Tyler Adams turned pro. He also appears to have leaked the NYRB II jersey, which I think is snazzy.

da Fonte comes back to the United States from Portugal having played for SC Espinho, Pedras Salgadas, and GD Chaves in Portugal.

According to the sleuths at Once a Metro, da Fonte had a trial with DC United in 2012, and played in the NPSL with the Westchester Flames.

As of right now NYRB II is set to play a 1-2-1-0 formation. Technically that is better than the 0-0-1-0 formation we were playing with just Tyler Adams. How do you feel about that Mr. da Fonte?

The historic home opener for NYRB II is in less than 27 hours. Get your tickets now.