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Predictions: Columbus Crew SC vs New York Red Bulls

Can Jason & Truman separate themselves?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Last Match: New York Red Bulls 2-0 D.C. United

Correct Prediction (W/L/D & Score):

  • None

Correct W/L/D only:

  • Jason Iapicco
  • Truman
  • Lester Townsend

Incorrect Prediction:

  • Aaron Bauer
  • Anthony Ali
  • Austin Fido
  • Frank Maduri
  • Let's Play FIFA
  • Matt Coyne (no prediction)
  • Patrick MacDonald
  • RBR Guest: Jason Anderson
  • Steve Toto

You can follow our predictions all season long using our Google Spreadsheet. Here's our predictions for this week:

Match 3 - Columbus Crew SC vs New York Red Bulls

Aaron Bauer: 3-1 Loss

I picked them to win and they drew. I picked them to lose and they won. I am picking them to lose until they give me reasons not to do that. Columbus looks like a team that will dominate the EC for years to come. Kei Kamara will score a hat trick. Bradley Wright Phillips will become possessed by Thierry Henry again and score 3 minutes in then we will get flat out dominated for the next 87 + 3 minutes. We will all cry. My dog just started chasing a bee. He did not catch it. This is indicative of our future success.

Anthony Ali: 2-0 Loss

I'm a little hesitant to call a loss since I've only predicted losses this season and RBNY hasn't lost, but Columbus strike me as capable of living up to the hype. They play an attractive style of soccer and they've proven to be a more cohesive unit than the Red Bulls. Despite having a worse start to the season than RBNY, Columbus thoroughly dominated in both of their matchups and will most likely do so again.

Austin Fido: 2-1 Loss

Columbus has one less point than RBNY after two games, but has looked better than most teams in the league - on the limited evidence available. Big test for the Red Bulls this week, and I think they will keep it close, but not quite close enough.

Frank Maduri: 2-1 Loss

Columbus is one of the best teams in the East regardless of missing players for international duty, they have depth and they will win this match. The Red Bulls are coming off a win but they are too inconsistent to win a match on the road against the Crew. I think they will compete with them but in the end Kamara and some of the other offensive players will be too much for the RBNY back line to deal with.

Jason Iapicco: 1-1 Draw

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Lester Townsend: 5-2 Loss

Columbus is missing some good players. The Red Bulls are a team. I could see the Red Bulls stealing a point on the road, but I can't see it happening without them wearing the yellow shorts. Higuain is a good player and is the type of player who can carve up an inexperienced defense.

Let's Play FIFA: 0-0 Draw

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Matt Coyne

No prediction submitted.

Patrick MacDonald: 1-0 Win

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RBR Guest - Franco Panizo: 3-1 Loss

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Truman: 2-1 Win

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Steve Toto: 2-2 Draw

I am a bit torn here since it's so early in the season, but let's face it... the Red Bulls may be one of the most inconsistent teams of all time, so it doesn't matter if it's March or August. I'm calling for a 2-2 draw. Both teams are going to have weak spots that open up with the players called up to international duty. RB will have trouble on the outsides defensively and Columbus will have trouble in central midfield. I think Kei Kamara is going to find success while the three-headed monster of Dax/Felipe/Sacha are going to have a field day in the middle. Sam should continue to be an attacking threat, especially with Francis absent for the Crew. I believe RB will have the early advantage, but the high pressure style will catch up with the players who normally don't see the field as much and they'll let up a late goal. That's so Metro.