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Luis Robles finishes second in MLS Save of Week 3 voting

A bigger share of the vote than last time...

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Deric has won MLS Save of the Week for the second week in a row, accumulating 32.26% of the vote for the highlight of his latest exercise in bailing out Houston Dynamo's not-quite-there-yet defense.

Good save. Well done, Tyler. If that back line settles down, it might be a good season for Houston.

But this site is not about the Dynamo. For New York Red Bulls fans, the bad news is Luis Robles did not win SotW. The good news is he finished second (San Jose Earthquakes' David Bingham was a very close third) to Deric with 22.8% of the vote. This is an improvement on the 14.22% share he picked up for a third-place SotW finish in Week 1.

Better luck next time, Luis. By which we mean we hope that you enjoy a really quiet spell in goal until RBNY has established a healthy lead at the top of the table.